Tuesday, October 12, 2010

¡Viva Chile, Mierda!

Having spent more than a year in the "dagger-shaped country on the southern fringe of South America," I've been following this story from the "nation known in Latin America for a diverse economy and fruity wine" — Chileans see mine rescue as a rebirth for the country.

"Chileans have long fretted that aside from a dark dictatorship that ended in 1989, their country gets little attention," say authors Jonathan Franklin and Juan Forero, suggesting therefore that "the tale of fortitude and grit at this gold and copper mine in this desolate stretch, and the ingenuity that has authorities gleeful about a dramatic rescue, has buoyed Chileans like nothing else."

"President Sebastian Pinera, who has been a constant presence here, has said that the drama has revealed the noble nature of the Chilean soul," the authors say, quoting him as calling the rescue operation a "true rebirth, not just for the 33 miners but also for the spirit of unity, strength, faith and hope they have shown our country and around the world."

Sebastián Piñera unsuccesfully ran for president when I was a student in the country in 1993. He ran on an anti-immigrant (Peruvian) platform that would have made Tom Tancredo look like John McCain or Lindsey Graham. His campaign ads made Willie Horton look like Iron Eyes Cody.

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