Monday, October 11, 2010

"Up To The Mountain" Performed by Solomon Burke and Patty Griffin

Something to remember "the larger-than-life 'King of Rock and Soul' who was revered as one of music's greatest vocalists but never reached the level of fame of those he influenced" — Solomon Burke dies at Amsterdam airport at 70. He "'gracefully' accepted the fact that his fame was eclipsed by singers he influenced."

"Born to the sound of music in an upstairs room of a Philadelphia church, .... "[h]e remained closely linked to the church as a preacher," the obituary informs us. "In 2000, he played for then-Pope John Paul II at the Vatican." Wikipedia elaborates that Solomon Burke "enjoyed a special relationship with the Catholic Church throughout his life and in 2000, he and his family were invited to perform at the Jubilee of the Family at the Vatican. He was invited back to the Vatican by both Pope John Paul II and Pope Benedict XVI for the Christmas celebration."

"From day one, literally God and gospel were the driving forces behind the man and his music," we learn in the obituary. "Burke combined his singing with the role of preacher and patriarch of a huge family of 21 children, 90 grandchildren and 19 great grandchildren."

His voice has been heard before on the pages — "Valley of Tears" Performed by Solomon Burke, Gillian Welch, and Dave Rawlings.

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