Friday, October 1, 2010

A Tale of Two Missiologies

  • Father Maryknoller in Korea on "what it was like in the [Catholic] mission stations during the early days of persecution" — How the Early Christians Nurtured the Church in Korea — and on the queen who "while her husband was torturing priests and thousands of native [Catholic] Christians... was secretly studying the catechism and preparing herself for baptism" — A True Story by Bishop Mutel, Bishop of Seoul, 1890.

  • Robert Neff on "violent Christian [Protestant] missionaries who did not respect Korean culture and the needs of the local people" and came only after the persecution ended — Were early Christian missionaries in Joseon Korea violent?
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    Blogger Robert said...

    Interesting post concerning Mutel but I am curious as to how accurate it is. There are several supposed instances in which Kojong, Min and the Taewon'gun were open to Christianity but for one reason or another never came to be. Some of these accounts appear to somewhat dubious.

    As to the phrase "while her husband was torturing priests and thousands of native [Catholic] Christians..." - is that correct? If memory serves me right, Taewon'gun basically held control until the early 1870s.

    I also enjoy reading your blog....

    9:50 PM  

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