Friday, October 29, 2010

"Right-Wing Social Democrats"

"It is difficult to regard neoconservatism with anything other than distaste," rightly begins David Gordon, reviewing an author who "rejects the current neocon line on foreign policy, as any decent person would" — Neoconservatism Defined.

Another author he quotes argues that "neoconservatism rejects individual rights" and holds that "principles such as individual rights, limited government, and economic freedom are neither morally edifying nor practically sustainable." More disturbing, it holds "that philosophers exist on a higher plan than the rest of humanity," and that these alone "can absorb the truths that God does not exist and that ordinary morality rests on no foundations." Thus, "[f]rom a strictly philosophical perspective.... the neocons have, on principle, dispensed with principle" and "do not think that an immutably true moral code can or should be generated from man’s mutable social reality."

"The masses, to the contrary," writes Mr. Gordon, "require the consolations of religion and morality. The philosophical elite must guide them according to the wisdom it alone can discern." He argues that the author "successfully shows that though the neocons often invoke the American tradition, they do not genuinely believe in the 'unalienable rights of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.'"

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