Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Ralph Nader on "Conservatives" and the "Liberal" Media

I was a bit wary of the headline, but Old Right Nader nails it again — Mainstreaming the Extreme Rightwing. Countering "the propaganda-style claim by rightwingers... that the mass media has a liberal bias," the man who got my vote in '08 writes, "The media bends over backwards to avoid being called liberal by featuring many corporatist or rightwing think tank views."

Most interesting is what he writes about America's two most renowned newspapers, and the treatment they give a fake conservative, Ann Coulter, and a real one, Andrew Bacevich.

About the former, he writes, "The Times called her a 'conservative,' besmirching conservatives[,] instead of what she really is—a burlesque performer throwing red meat to audiences looking for off-the-wall entertainment." About the great antiwar conservative, he notes, "Professor Andrew Bacevich, a former professional soldier and author of acclaimed books, has had five submissions rejected over the past two years or so by Fred Hiatt—the Post’s editorial page chief." Mr. Nader adds, "Hiatt doesn’t even bother sending him a rejection, unlike his rejections by the more courteous David Shipley, his counterpart at the Times."

Were these newspapers truly liberal they would print Prof. Bacevich's articles, which can be read at The Nation and The American Conservative.

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