Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Pseudo-Conservatives are the Real Deal Says Left-Liberal

Left-liberal Corey Robin attempts, and utterly fails, to argue that "[t]oday's winger, like yesterday's, is not a pseudo-conservative; he's the real deal" — Why Conservatives Love War.

"Encoded in the conservative movement's DNA, the argument for violence derives from Burke himself," the author asserts, in one of the most tenuous arguments I've ever read, based soley as it is on the philosopher's idea "the self is desperately in need of negative stimuli of the sort that can be provided only by pain and danger," which the author admits comes from "his early 20s" and "predates his entry into politics" and is often "dismiss[ed]... as apolitical juvenilia."

I'd like to dismiss Prof. Robin's screed as left-liberal juvenilia, but methinks the author, who, "[d]espite being a progressive, [has] devoted his scholarly attention to the study of the contemporary forms of American conservatism and neoconservatism," is stuck in what Bill Kauffman once called one of the two "ideological veal-crates" Americans are offfered. Citing Strauss, Teddy Roosevelt and Francis Fukuyama in the same paragraph with Burke shows he hasn't a clue about his supposed area of expertise.

His research has probably introduced him to some of the antiwar conservative publications and individuals often linked to here, which perhaps first intrigued him but ultimately repelled him when he realized they didn't fit into either veil-crate. Like the pseudo-conservative, he cannot fathom someone not agreeing with every point on his agenda. Unlike the true conservative, he cannot tolerate people with whom he disagrees on certain issues. This tortured article is the result of his confusion.

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