Friday, October 22, 2010

Pope Joseph Ratzinger Receives Ambassador Thomas Hong-Soon Han

And spoke of "the dangers involved in rapid economic growth which can all too easily bypass ethical considerations, with the result that the poorer elements in society tend to be excluded from their rightful share of the nation’s prosperity" — Pope to Seoul: an economic growth attentive to ethics. The Pontiff called to "focus attention on the need to renew the ethical foundation of all economic and political activities" and on a "commitment to ensure that social justice and care for the common good grow side by side with material prosperity."

For his part, the Ambassador reminded the Pontiff that the Korean Church was founded "not by any foreign missionary but by Korean lay faithful themselves and boasts of the martyrdom of more than ten thousand faithful who heroically offered their lives for the great cause of God in the 19th century" and today is held in "high esteem by her people for the contribution she has made to the modernization and development of her country, always in fidelity to the Papal Magisterium."

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