Tuesday, October 26, 2010

"Love North Korean Children"

"If we did not provide these buns the children would go hungry," said South Korean-born George Rhee, founder of the charity of that name — British bakeries a lifeline in North Korea. "All of our food gets to the children," he continues. "None goes to the North Korean army or government."

He goes on to say, "At first I was thinking of opening an orphanage, but the government wouldn't allow that. They say North Korean leader Kim Jong-il is our father, so there is no need for orphanages. So then I decided to open a bakery." We learn that "Rhee is a minister in the Assemblies of God Church and has its backing for his charity" and [m]ost of the costs are borne by three Dutch Christian foundations, the Barnabas Fund, Stichting Ora and Dorcas Aid International."

Yet, as Christopher Hitchens would have it, "religions poisons everything."

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