Monday, October 11, 2010

Let Tyler Clementi Rest in Peace

"Perhaps Tyler had a genuinely sensitive conscience, perhaps he had great respect for both his family and his God, perhaps he felt ashamed of actions because he knew they were immoral," says Kevin McCullough in response to the "American media, leftist politicians, and those who have reason to advance a non-traditional value system [who] have attempted to 'posterize' him into something that he was not," suggesting "a completely different narrative could be told, one that encourages young people towards moral choices" — Why Tyler Clementi is not Matthew Shepard.

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Blogger Francis Xavier said...

This is the argumentation of a wingnut; be one's sexual ethics those of the Magisterium or not, a reasonably intelligent person would realize that outing oneself or being outed - with all the stigma that still attaches to male homosexuality - is a very stressful event, particularly if it done in a brutal and humiliating way. I would imagine that any Saudi Christians outed in such a fashion would also freak out for a while.

A certain percentage of the population is primed to commit suicide in situations of great stress; this is why newly arrested criminals should never be left alone for the first 72 hrs.

Only a true churl can reflect on such beastliness in such a dispassionate way; you can do much better, Joshua.

5:32 AM  
OpenID danightman said...

Re: Francis,

You are quite correct about the betrayal of taking a photo of someone in a position such as that, whatever their relation to their partner might be. Even a married couple would be scandalized if someone was making a tape of their embrace and posting it for prurient purposes on the web.

That is a sin that occurs far to often because, while we have an inflated sense of our own need for justice, we have very little concern for other people's needs. In other words, many, if not most, people in the country have become nearly sociopathic, if not so outright.

OTOH, there is a great stress when caught doing something one knows to be objectively wrong that works to prime one to depression, suicide and other forms of self-destruction (of which sexual promiscuity is one other form of nihilism seeking self-immolation). There is a price to be paid, as a cursory glance at the statistics for drug use, promiscuity, rates of depression and suicide show, when one engages in objectively immoral acts.

Never forget, however, that there is Good News. We should never despair of God's Mercy. This is most clearly evoked by the very first antiphon heard in High Mass of the Extraordinary form, Asperges me, taken from the penitential Psalm 51.

5:57 AM  
Blogger Kevin Jones said...

Poor Matthew Shepard wasn't even Matthew Shepard. The robbery and drug motivations of his murderers appear to have been ignored by the activist machine which shamelessly appropriated his death for their own causes.

Dispassion in the face of an artificial media narrative intent on stirring the emotions is the proper response. Most of us know almost nothing of the Clementi case other than the manipulated narratives we read.

The wisest thing we could learn from the case is the danger of allowing sexual activity in college dorms, but we already knew that's a mess.

11:03 AM  
Blogger Francis Xavier said...


The issue was never dispassion vis a vis a slanted media narrative, but dispassion in discussing real and deliberate cruelty, which this slanted media narrative uses to (falsely) promote its agenda. Only a rank churl is blasé vis a vis the undisputed facts in this case.

I remember an ultra-Catholic university with which I once had connections, at which sexual activity in the dorms was verboten, unless one happened to be the nephew of the priest who was the university's president. Then, it seems, it was seen as something that ineluctably happens in that age group, and not punished....

The real lost souls don't wear their hair long and play guitars. They have crew cuts and trained minds, sign on for research in biological warfare, and don't give their parents a moment's worry.

J.B. Priestley

9:47 PM  

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