Friday, October 8, 2010

Left and Right Unite!

A conservative blog for peace links to hints that "populists from the left and the right are increasingly finding common ground" — 5 Key Principles that Unite Populist Progressives and Tea-Party Libertarians. An excerpt:
    First, we must be cognizant that the establishment seeks to divide us by using such vile tactics as labeling progressives as "evil communists" and the Tea Party libertarians as "racists." Naturally, old-school civil rights liberals hate racists, and free-market conservative purists hate communists. Can we not see that the establishment knows precisely what buttons to push to keep us from uniting? These false labels are irrelevant in our current struggle with a tyrannical Corporate State.
"Progressives have been conditioned to blame big evil corporations, while conservatives have been conditioned to blame big evil government," the statement continues. "But now, both are finally realizing that corporate cartels and the government have merged into a most evil monster that cares not for them, or the health of America for that matter."

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