Friday, October 1, 2010

Farewell, Reactionary Utopian

Lew Rockwell is the bearer of sad news — Joseph Sobran, RIP. Mr. Rockwell reminds us of "his sacrificing his lucrative career at National Review on the altar of truth," explaining, "When Joe opposed the first US war on Iraq, ex-CIA agent Bill Buckley first ordered him to submit to the warfare state, and when he wouldn’t, fired him, even calling Joe an anti-Semite."

Two of Mr. Sobran's best — Confessions of a Reactionary Utopian & The Reluctant Anarchist.

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OpenID Rowman said...

I knew this day would come but it makes it no less sad.

1:53 AM  
OpenID danightman said...

Sad to hear how the once honorable National Review threw him under the bus like that.

Very sad day indeed.

Steven P. Cornett

11:57 AM  

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