Saturday, October 30, 2010

JFK and MLK Today

  • "JFK, Obama, and the Unspeakable" is the title of the lecture delivered by the author of a book I am currently reading reported on by Claire Schaeffer-Duffy — The assassination of JFK: A parable for our times. A one-sentence summary of the book: "Kennedy’s turn toward peacemaking during his presidency -- his implementation of the Partial Nuclear Test Ban Treaty, his initiation of a secret dialogue with Fidel Castro to normalize US-Cuban relations, his signing of a memorandum calling for troop withdrawal from Vietnam, and most significantly, his communication with Soviet leader Nikita Khrushchev -- put him violently at odds with the Joint Chief of Staffs and the CIA."

  • Lew Rockwell posts a "video of MLK Jr. on the Mike Douglas show" sent to him by Phil Hensley — King on the Vietnam War. Mr. Hensley writes, "The parallels to today’s wars are astounding. So is the thinking of imperialist Americans that think our national greatness lies in our ability to destroy and conquer the rest of the world when they don’t do what we want."
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    OpenID danightman said...

    Apparently there is more to the assassination of Robert F. Kennedy than Sirhan Sirhan. Two independent reports, noted in Stephen Hand's blog, give testimony that a second shooter fired the fatal shot to RFK.

    This includes a CBS report from a forensic sound engineer who has found audio evidence of up to 12 shots fired, including ones from a gun other than the Iver-Johnson fired by Sirhan.

    More evidence for actions by America's Praetorian Guard?

    12:47 PM  
    Blogger The Western Confucian said...

    I would say so. Douglass suggests the JKF, X, MLK and RFK executions need to be understood together.

    9:29 PM  

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