Friday, September 3, 2010

Unholy Troika

Sandro Magister brings us analysis "that three different attacks are underway against Benedict XVI, carried out by three different enemies" — "Why They Are Attacking Me." Autobiography of a Pontificate:
    The first and main enemy is the external one. It is the currents of opinion and centers of power hostile to the Church and to this pope.

    The second enemy is those Catholics – including not a few priests and bishops – who see Benedict XVI as an obstacle to their project of "modernist" reform for the Church.

    Finally, the third enemy is those officials of the Vatican curia who hurt the pope instead of helping him, out of incapacity, ignorance, or even opposition.

    It does not appear that these three fronts are commanded by the same general. But this does not mean that a unifying reason cannot be sought that would explain such bitter and constant attacks, all concentrated on the current pope.

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