Sunday, September 12, 2010

A Report From Na'ar

"'I was promised I would spend eternity in Paradise, being fed honeyed cakes by 67 virgins in a tree-lined garden, if only I would fly the airplane into one of the Twin Towers,' said Mohammed Atta, one of the hijackers of American Airlines Flight 11, between attempts to vomit up the wasps, hornets, and live coals infesting his stomach" — Hijackers Surprised To Find Selves In Hell. "The rest of Atta's words turned to raw-throated shrieks, as a tusked, asp-tongued demon burst his eyeballs and drank the fluid that ran down his face."

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Blogger The Sanity Inspector said...

Link goes to 404 hell, instead.

10:42 AM  
Blogger The Western Confucian said...

Not sure why. It works here. Try this:,1445/

10:56 AM  
Anonymous Steven P. Cornett said...

It's only tangentially related to the topic, but it still irks me that Glenn Beck, who is supposedly about freedom and the restoration of the constitution, turned on Debra Medina for being a "9/11 truther."

For the record, here is what she said on Youtube. And here is the statement that cost her the nomination thanks to Glenn.

"I don't have all the evidence there, Glenn," Medina replied. "So I'm not in a place - I have not been out publicly questioning that. I think some very good questions have been raised in that regard. There's some very good arguments and I think the American people have not seen all the evidence there so I've not taken a position there."

He then asked if she would disavow people on her campaign team that held such a theory.

"I'm certainly not into mind control or thought policing people," Medina said. "I don't see us having a team of radical individuals, if you will."

The hypocrisy of the episode, especially coming from a man who said we should "boldly question even the existence of God," is disgusting. From everything about her life, especially on Wikipedia, this would've been exactly the person you want to put in office, and exactly the kind of person Glenn said he supported, but who actually lived them (she supported Ron Paul's 2008 campaign).

11:22 AM  

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