Monday, September 27, 2010

Pure Land Buddhism and Atonement for Abortion

A visit to a nearby temple with "child monk statues made of stone dedicated to children that [sic] were aborted, paid for by the parents that [sic] killed them" — Destination: Manbulsa (Yeongcheon city, Gyeongsangbuk-do). Linked to is the above image and this description from the temple's English-language site — Manbul Temple in Korea:
    Sutra says, "Even you committed the terrible sin like killing your fetus, you would be saved when you confess your sins sincerely through Buddha's teaching and saying." As you follow Buddha's teaching, Youjayoungga would be guided to a gentle and easy death. The reason Manbul temple at Manbul Mountain is installed Youjayoungga is for guiding young death to gentle and easy death with defending on the power of Ksitigarbaha bodhisattva and offers parents place to confess their sin. On the surface of seating altar is carved the name of builder and the statue is wearing a beanie and a bib.
I've blogged about this before — "Baby Souls Mourning" and Water Baby Offering Rites. The temple is one of three in Korea offering such rites, and being nearby, I've visited on several occasions, and have always been profoundly moved. In contrast, Modernity tells us that "the terrible sin like killing your fetus" is merely a "choice" and that there is no need for abortive parents to "be saved" nor to "confess their sin."

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