Thursday, September 9, 2010

On God

  • James Matthew Wilson's latest — Stephen Hawking Proves the Existence of God. "Self-created law operating spontaneously and so absolutely un-beholden to any prior necessity: this sounds familiar indeed, having found divinely-inspired expression some years ago," he writes, quoting the first five verses of Gospel According to Saint John.

  • "The 'undergraduate atheists' have had their day," writes John Cottingham, suggesting, "The spiritually deaf onslaught of Richard Dawkins, Christopher Hitchens and their ilk has presented such an unfair and one-sided picture of religion that not only has it won few converts, but it may even have aided the cause of faith" — It's Not God Who Needs Saving - It's Us. "Of much greater interest," the author writes, "and vastly more intellectual sophistication, are two books, one by the Princeton philosopher Mark Johnston, the other by the French best-selling author André Comte-Sponville, formerly of the Sorbonne. Both are inspired by the achievements of modern science, both firmly reject the traditional idea of a transcendent creator and yet both are sympathetic to our long heritage of spirituality, whose riches they would like to preserve if humanly possible." Tolle, lege.
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