Friday, September 3, 2010

The Korean Wave in Nagaland

A place we read about on these pages the other day — A Baptist State in Asia — is the subject of a story by Ngathingkhui Jagoi on the "craze for Korean movies in Indian states bordering China, Bangladesh, Mynamar or Bhutan" — Korean Waves Reach India's NE Homes. "Korean culture is spreading like wild-fire across the North East India," the author writes.

The author notes that "people in Northeast India have easily assimilated to Korean culture while Indian culture is just at their doorsteps." He quotes a local cultural promoter as saying, "The people here could never identify with the soaps shown in Hindi entertainment channels," and a local filmmaker about the reason for the phenomenon: "This may be because of physical similarities between the Koreans and the northeasterners who are mostly of Mongoloid stock. People find solace in Korean entertainment because of the likeness in physical appearance." Some photographic evidence of the "physical similarities" mentioned:

These young Naga ladies, minus the headdresses and necklaces, would go unnoticed in any of my classes. The racial factor is merely hinted at in this story reporting that "[w]hile Korean dramas and visual content are enjoying popularity in the Asian market, their faces and places are still not familiar to the U.S. and European markets and Korean content providers should keep that in mind" — Korea's TV content needs more work to enter Western market.

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