Sunday, September 12, 2010

Feminism vs. Neuroscientism

Strange to find myself in bed with feminist Cordelia Fine against "the science -- or art -- of creating images and then interpreting them as if they have something to do with human behavior" — 'Delusions of Gender' argues that faulty science is furthering sexism. More:
    Her detailed explanation of brain-scanning technology is essential to her argument, as it conveys a sense of just how difficult it is to interpret such raw data. She isn't opposed to neuroscience or brain imaging; quite the opposite. But she is ardently against making authoritative interpretations of ambiguous data.
Reason, and having a daughter and a son, tell me, contra Ms. Fine, that "the argument that boys and girls have a fundamental difference in brain wiring" is true, but her denunciation against "making authoritative interpretations of ambiguous data" merits repeating.

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