Thursday, September 9, 2010

Books A-Comin'

Today, I placed my first order through a business Lew Rockwell would undoubtedly call "heroic" — What the Book? The company's heroism lies in the unique service it offers to expatriates here in Korea who want books from home.

You order books just as you would at any online bookseller, and What the Book? then has your books shipped in bulk with those of many others to vastly reduce shipping costs, which for the individual can be ridiculously expensive. The buyer ends up spending little more than he would back home. What the Book? makes its money by saving me mine. Here's to free enterprise!

Here are the books I ordered, and why:The above books were purchased with the money this blog draws in this through Newstex Content Syndication, which allows me to buy a book or two every couple of months, which, remembering the value that books once held, is nothing small in my opinion.

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Anonymous john said...

I think the owner of that shop is the only American bookstore owner I ever met who doesn't like books.

- an American in Hong Kong

10:18 PM  

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