Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Andrew Bacevich on Obama's Wars by Bob Woodward

The antiwar conservative describes "what the court historian won't reveal in his new book," says The American Conservative blurb — Bob Woodward’s Trivial Pursuits. Skewering his subject as the "chief gossip-monger of the governing class," Prof. Bacevich offers "a series of questions to which Woodward (not to mention the rest of Washington) remains steadfastly oblivious:"
    Why fight a war that even the general in charge says can’t be won? What will the perpetuation of this conflict cost? Who will it benefit? Does the ostensibly most powerful nation in the world have no choice but to wage permanent war? Are there no alternatives? Can Obama shut down an unwinnable war now about to enter its tenth year? Or is he — along with the rest of us — a prisoner of war?

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