Thursday, September 16, 2010

"All Hail Obama!"

Bill Kristol's reponse to "the end of combat operations in Iraq" speech, Sheldon Richman reports — Obama the Neoconservative. "President Obama did something amazing," John Podhoretz is quoted as saying, "He delivered — dare I say it? — a rather neoconservative speech, in the sense that neoconservatism has argued for aggressive American involvement in the world both for the world’s sake and for the sake of extending American freedoms in order to enhance and preserve American security."

Mr. Sheldon concludes, "The Obama administration again demonstrates that while presidents come and go, the permanent regime rumbles on."

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Anonymous Steven P. Cornett said...

"Not to love the Fuerher ist a big disgrace, so we heil, heil, in the Fuerher's face!" - Spike Jones

12:19 PM  

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