Saturday, August 21, 2010

"Tyranny of Rights"

Jorge Traslosheros Hernández on what "should be an oxymoron" — Adoption Isn't a "Right" for Gays or Others. The historian and juridical expert from the Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México explains:
    It is very important to keep in mind that the so-called right to adoption never existed in Mexico because it was well understood that children don't exist to satisfy the desires or needs of adults, no matter how legitimate or justified they might seem.

    Because of the higher interests of the child, the adoption processes were governed by the logic that adults must be subjected to rigorous aptitude tests, where the factors of emotional, social, economic, marital or personal stability have played a very important role, among many other things.

    Hence, adults have never in any way had the right to adoption. On the contrary, they have had to demonstrate in deeds that, beyond ideologies and any doubt, they are fit to take on a child with full responsibility.

    Parenthood, as we well know, is a gift and a responsibility, it isn't a right in itself. In any case, it would be a consequence and always subject to the exercise of responsibility. As we can easily see, as the higher interest of the child demands, the right of adoption must not exist for anyone regardless of their quality, condition, religion, race, ethnic group or sexual preference. Children are not things to satisfy the needs of adults.
"Homosexual couples will have the exclusive privilege of the right to adoption and whoever denies them this right can be accused of discriminating against them for reasons of sexual preference," he warns.

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Blogger love the girls said...

"Parenthood, as we well know, is a gift and a responsibility, it isn't a right in itself."

Yes it is a right. Which is one of the reasons why a husband or a wife cannot withhold them self from their spouse.

Homosexuals on the other hand are not capable of being parents because their act is unnatural, thus the right cannot by nature exist in them.


"adults have never in any way had the right to adoption."

Never? Relations didn't have the right to adopt their nieces and nephews when a sister or brother died?

Arguing from accepted modernist notions is a loosing proposition, not only because it's fraught with errors, but because in the end, the modernist notions will triumph.

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