Thursday, August 19, 2010

Shim Sunhwa Catarina's Madonna and Child

Something from last Sunday's diocesan bulletin to accompany this message from just about exactly the opposite side of the world — Devotion to Mary guarantees fidelity to Christ, says Argentinean archbishop. "Authentic devotion to the Virgin is a sign and guarantee of fidelity to Jesus Christ."

(I spent my birthday in 1995 in His Excellency's city, alone, waiting for a bus for more than half the day. It was a Sunday, and everything, I mean everything, was closed; I slept on a park bench most of the day. A memorable day, and one I enjoyed. This years' was better, the best thus far, with my wife, and my kids now old enough to make me understand they care.)

My first post of this year — Either Mary Is the Mother of God or Her Son Is Not God. Another must-read Marian post — Henry Adams on the Blessed Virgin Mary.

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