Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Left and Right

  • Peter Hitchens "explain[s his] opposition to liberal intervention in foreign countries" and those "who think (like Thomas Paine) that they are somehow special, a qualitative advance over their forebears," and "[t]hus, they, 'historic' or 'enlightened', can 'begin the world over again'" — Top of the Class, Liberal Intervention and Other Matters.

  • Arthur Versluis reminds us of "Old Right authors, from the 1930s onward, were extremely skeptical of American military adventurism abroad, of big business, and of centralized state power in general," and that today "some on the so-called Left—who have come to be skeptical of grand state metanarratives and managerial bureaucracies, and who encourage decentralization, small businesses, and small farms—are closer to what used to be called conservatism than many on the so-called Right" — Death of the Left?

  • PUBLIUS on the "surprising revelation... that [Saul] Alinsky admired Sen. Barry Goldwater, whose libertarian objections to the proposed 1964 civil-rights act he shared" — When Saul Met Barry.

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