Saturday, August 14, 2010

Hezbollah and Hollywood

"Two Muslim Lebanese channels, including Hezbollah's al-Manar television, said on Friday they had stopped airing a series depicting the life of Jesus after complaints from Christians" — Muslim Lebanese channels halt Jesus TV series.

According to the channels, the series "sheds light on the great personality of God's prophet Eissa Bin Mariam (Jesus son of Mary) and his divine message which reflects with all glorification and lordliness through his life, his suffering, his passion and sacrifices." However, a local Church official said, "We have noticed that the events that we briefly saw in the 17 episodes given to us from the two stations ... were fully wrong, or partially wrong or distorted and were inconsistent with the Bible recognised by the Church." He explained, "It also denies the divinity of Christ...(It shows the person) who was crucified was Judas, and there is no resurrection."

The media in America is dominated by members of another Abrahamic religion, yet such complaints from Christians, who are a majority in our country, fall on deaf ears.

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