Tuesday, August 3, 2010

From the Anti-War, Anti-Imperial Right

  • Bruce Fein questions "the Cold War orthodoxies that still shape our foreign policy," suggesting that "America’s freedom and prosperity do not depend on democracy taking root in foreign lands" — The Myths That Made an Empire.

  • "A more useless and unnecessary thing than an expedition into this country could not be imagined," said "Brigadier-General Henry Brooke who, in April 1880, took command of the British garrison in Kandahar just as the Second Afghan Revolt ignited," quoted by James Jackson — Oh! What a Lovely Afghan War.

  • "Why, with all the issues going for them, House Republicans would announce full-throated support for a pre-emptive war on Iran that Americans would have to fight and finish, escapes me," says Pat Buchanan, reminding us "if this is where a Republican House would take America, into yet another war, best that we know it before voting this fall" — GOP Blank Check For War?

  • Kelley B. Vlahos exposes a demagogue whose "latest machinations – predicting an Islamist invasion and tyranny on par with 18th-century colonial oppression under King George III – plays on the darkest impulses coursing through the country today: fear, prejudice, xenophobia, and rage" — Newt Gingrich: A Menace to Society?
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