Friday, August 20, 2010

Dorothy Day Down Under

"Few people know that Dorothy Day (1896-1980), anarchist-pacifist and Catholic, who fed and housed thousands of homeless people in New York and campaigned tirelessly for peace, had a major influence on Australian Catholicism," writes Val Noone — Remembering Dorothy Day's visit 40 years ago. "Our present capitalist, industrial system is inhuman and wicked," said the great lady on her visit. "The non-violent are trying to re-build it within the shell of the old."

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Blogger paul said...

If you want a challenge from someone with a similar education yet ending up heading in a totally direction; I am that person. I have profound respect for Francis Xavier for Ricci for what the Jesuits did. But then comes the Macao 12; James Legge and others conquering all the China represented. (God's Chinese Son J Spence 1997) those 12 destabilizing leading to a century of revolutions while my approach is to go back before Emperor Chin or Kong saying "Bu zhi dao" when asked about the critical imperial sacrifice. Matters not found in Europe nor China but alone found in Hebrew as the coded Chinese language reveals pictorially.

6:45 PM  
Blogger The Western Confucian said...

I wish I could introduce you to a fellow I met back in the late '80s in my town's oublic library. I was reseraching American Indians, and he came up to me and started talking. ("Men like us are not destined for marriage," I remember him saying, wrongly, it turns out.)

Anyway, I ended up visiting his room in a boarding house, whose walls were plastered with Seneca Indian place-names of our local vicinity and their Hebrew translations and numerical codes and what it all meant.

He also taught me some guitar chords from the songs he had written for his Rock Opera, the third in a series that began with Wagner's Gotterdaemmerung and The Who's Tommy. He was one of the few people who realized that Germany had won WWII. "Our Holy Lord Yashua" often appeared to him as we spoke.

7:51 PM  

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