Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Confucian Abuse of Birthright Citizenship

"Abuse of the current American citizenship regulations permits bizarrely self-recursive forms of chain migration," notes Steve Sailer (who else?) — Anchor Brats. More:
    For example, the Chinese scion born on American soil can eventually grow up to import his own parents as immigrants under our “family reunification” law. They, in turn, can bring in their own parents and plunk them in public housing for seniors and put their health care on Medicare’s tab. It’s like a Confucian conman version of that old Robert Heinlein science fiction story, All You Zombies, about a man with a time machine who turns out to be his own grandpa.
Henry C.K. Liu's Rule of law vs Confucianism comes to mind.

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Blogger kushibo said...

Any stats on what they can do versus what they do do.

In the aggregate, I would say Asian immigration is a strong good in the US, and the birth tourists are people with money trying to settle in America.

At any rate, even if you disagree, it is not the accepted interpretation of the Fourteenth Amendment that is the problem, but the family reunification law.

If such "chain migration" really is a problem, then change that.

I suspect, though, particularly with Asian immigrants, it's much ado about nothing.

5:18 AM  

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