Monday, August 30, 2010

The Children of Christendom

"Westerners are more altrusitic and trusting than other kinds of people," writes Scott Locklin, with "science to prove" it — White altruism. "Others punish participants perceived as too altruistic in co-operation games, but very few in the English-speaking West would ever dream of penalizing the generous."

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Anonymous Pints in NYC said...

I find this passage very interesting; reminds me a bit of your recent posts about linguistics and how language might shape our view of things

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"If WEIRD people are indeed weird, it is the Enlightenment and the Industrial Revolution that have made them so. In the example of the Muller-Lyer illusion, the UBC team hypothesizes that growing up in an industrial-era environment with plenty of 90-degree lines and carpentered edges led to WEIRD people's sense of vision being susceptible to the deception.

"We live in this world with police and institutions and pre-packaged food, TV, the Internet, watches and clocks and calendars. Our heads are loaded with all this information for navigating those environments. So we should expect our brains to be distorted," Dr. Henrich says."

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