Friday, August 6, 2010

Andrew Cusack vs. Roger Kimball on the Morality of Bombing Hiroshima

A very enlightening discussion over "Christian morality versus modern relativism" — Debating Hiroshima. The former, the clear winner in the debate, "point[s] out that the conservative reaction at the time was one of horror at the moral depravity to which we had descended, and that the it-would-have-been-worse-if-we-didn’t school of thought essentially can be reduced to an ends-justifies-the-means argument."

Reminding us that "arguing that the ends justifies the means is one of the cornerstones of relativism," Mr. Cusack says, "Christians believe that we are not allowed to do evil, even if that evil may serve a good cause. It is not simply a matter of choosing something bad over something worse."

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