Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Who Leaked the WikiLeaks?

"The shocking truth of the 92,000 documents is that they contain no shocking truths," says STRATFOR's George Friedman — What do the Wikileaks show? He suggests that "it is difficult to imagine a single database in which such a diverse range of intelligence was stored, or the existence of a single individual cleared to see such diverse intelligence stored across multiple databases and able to collect, collate and transmit the intelligence without detection."

"If this was an unauthorized leak, then it had to have involved a massive failure in security," he writes. "Certainly, the culprit should be known by now and his arrest should have been announced," he continues. "And certainly, the gathering of such diverse material in one place accessible to one or even a few people who could move it without detection is odd." This, of course, begs the question as to whether this was an authorized leak, and if so, why?

Mr. Friedman, looking at "the mystery of who compiled all of these documents and who had access to them with enough time and facilities to transmit them to the outside world in a blatant and sustained breach of protocol," asks, "Who would want to detail a truth that is already known, with access to all this documentation and the ability to transmit it unimpeded?"

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Three theories:
1) Assange is being funded by George Soros, in order to influence USA politics. This is effectively internal pressure - USA plutocrats - which is disguised as external pressure from Australian idealists.
2) Assange is being commanded by a non-USA spy agency, to pressure the USA from the outside.
3) The USA military has a faction that includes the guy who runs, and Assange is a splinter faction from

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