Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Breaking News: U.N.S.C. Ban Ki-moon Is Korean!

Why someone should be surprised by "no transparency" and a "lack of accountability" is beyond me — UN official blasts Ban Ki-moon on accountability. Said outgoing Undersecretary-General Inga-Britt Ahlenius, "Rather than supporting the internal oversight which is the sign of strong leadership and good governance, you have strived to control it which is to undermine its position." Sorry lady, "the sign[s] of strong leadership and good governance" are different over here. You'd think a high-ranking U.N. official would realize that the whole world isn't Scandinavia.

There is good news in all this, though: "I regret to say that the Secretariat is now in a process of decay," she said. "It is not only falling apart ... it is drifting into irrelevance." It gets even better: "I am concerned that we are in a process of decline and reduced relevance of the organization... This inevitably risks weakening the United Nations' possibilities to fulfill its mandate." Inshallah!

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