Saturday, July 3, 2010

Political Thoughts for Traditionalist Catholics

  • A conservative blog for peace informs us that some of "the ethical thinkers who, in our time, most consistently, coherently, and vigorously have defended the traditional Catholic teaching on sexual matters, ‘life’ matters, and every aspect of traditional teaching which has been attacked by the modern secular establishment," also "concluded that the concept of nuclear deterrence is indissolubly linked with a real intention, in certain contingencies, actually to use nuclear weapons," and "demonstrated... that such a contingent intention stands condemned by the traditional doctrine of the Catholic tradition with regard to the Just War" — Traditionalism is not necessarily ‘right wing’. Also noted: "The late, great Cardinal Ottaviani, by no means ‘a soppy liberal’, wanted Vatican II to condemn nuclear weapons."

  • "Jacques Maritain believed that rights language could be reconciled with the Natural Law," reminds The New Beginning, and noting that "[a] traditionalist might think that Catholic Social Teaching has been 'compromised' with the incorporation of rights language into its documents; or at the very least, this is a combination of two elements that ultimately cannot be harmonized," he asks, "Rights talk is not a part of Sacred Tradition, that seems unquestionable -- are rights a valid development of Catholic doctrine?" — A thought about the development of Catholic Social Teaching.

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    Anonymous Kevin J Jones said...

    Speaking of non-right-wing politics, are there any traditionalist Catholic sources in the U.S. which also retain the pre-conciliar stand in favor of labor unions?

    There was a time when many a U.S. labor hall had a Catholic chaplain, but that too has been forgotten.

    If reform in the U.S. is possible, Catholic labor would be an obvious place to create a beachhead in the Democratic Party.

    4:43 AM  
    Blogger The Western Confucian said...

    Amen. On the Waterfront (1954) comes to mind. What happened to the "labor priests" we used to hear about?

    I'm a Democrat by blood, and would love to see that party return to her roots.

    4:50 AM  

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