Thursday, July 1, 2010

Sino-American Trade War?

Terence Corcoran exposes "the standard U.S. pitch on China, a fake free-market curve ball accompanied by threats of a trade war in Washington," and suggests "the West is currently playing a protectionist game with China and the yuan" — Paper Dragons.

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Blogger xavier said...


And the Chinese haven't been protectionist either? The artifical US$- yuan exchange rate has allowed the Chinese to amass 2,4 trillion dollars while reducing European and American companies to bit players in their own countries.
In fact, the European companies are becoming pessimistic about their chances in China. They complain of the favouritism shown to local companies as well as the arbitariness of the officialdom. Of course, the same companies hope that the situation will improve in 5 years. Right! In the meantime what are they doing to combat unemployment back home?

So why not slap a 45% tarrif on Chinese imports? After all, wouldn't that stimulate American investments of factories back home and give much needed jobs?

I'm a free trader as you now but the Chinese aren't they're mercantalists who take advantage of globalization. So why not do the same?

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