Thursday, July 22, 2010

The Sino-American Century

"Are we overestimating China’s superpower strength?" asks E. Wayne Merry, a former U.S. State Department and Pentagon official — Paper Dragon. His conclusion:
    This century will likely be defined by the relationship between the world’s oldest great nation and its youngest. China and America are very different and we face different challenges. We are both great nations, great states and great powers. We will become adversaries only by choice and blunder, not by inevitability.

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Blogger Procopius said...

An excellent article, even if the title is a bit misleading or overly sensational. I would recommend the book "China, the Fragile Superpower" for a more in-depth look. The problem for American policy elites is that they both mirror image the US onto China, while at the same time applying the USSR as a template to China (I remember how the quality of China analysis fell dramatically in the 90's as former Soviet specialists en masse changed their name cards to "China Analyst" on the assumption that "all communists think alike"

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