Monday, July 12, 2010

Romano Amerio, Enrico Maria Radaelli, Brunero Gherardini, and Vatican II

Sandro Magister on the "obedient son of the Church" and "his faithful disciple and editor of the publication of his master's works" who argued that "the protection guaranteed to the Church by Christ applies only to 'ex cathedra' dogmatic definitions of the magisterium, not to the uncertain, fleeting, debatable 'pastoral' teachings of Vatican Council II and of the following decades" — The Defenders of Tradition Want the Infallible Church Back. More:
    Precisely this, in fact, in the view of Amerio and Radaelli, is the cause of the crisis in the conciliar and postconciliar Church, a crisis that has brought it extremely close to its "impossible but also almost accomplished" perdition: having wanted to give up on an imperative magisterium, on dogmatic definitions "unequivocal in language, certain in content, compulsory in form, as one would expect that at least the teachings of a council would be."

    The result, according to Amerio and Radaelli, is that Vatican Council II is full of vague, equivocal assertions that can be interpreted in different ways, some of them even in definite contrast with the previous magisterium of the Church.

    And this ambiguous pastoral language is believed to have paved the way for a Church that today is "overrun by thousands of doctrines and hundreds of thousands of nefarious customs." Including in art, music, liturgy.
Also mentioned is Thomist theologian Brunero Gherardini in whose "Plea to the Holy Father" the Pontiff "is asked to have the documents of the Council reexamined, in order to clarify once and for all 'if, in what sense, and to what extent' Vatican II is or is not in continuity with the previous magisterium of the Church." Mr. Magister reports, "In Benedict XVI, both Gherardini and Amerio-Radaelli see a friendly pope. But there is no chance that he will grant their requests."

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

How ling did Trent go in for? Wasn't it a series of "meetings"?

Perhaps Vatican II can be reconvened and fix some stuff, so as not to give the impression of rejecting V2.

It'd be a continuation, not a contradiction.

2:59 AM  
Blogger The Western Confucian said...

I, too, would like to see some compromise. It seems, as Jeff Culbreath has suggested, we are free to just ignore the problematic parts of Vatican II.

11:58 PM  

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