Friday, July 9, 2010

More Makkŏlli!

Another report on what "was once dismissed as 'hillbilly booze' that was consumed by farmers" is "[n]ow... enjoy[ing] growing popularity with the trendy young crowd in Seoul... "based on a health craze as well as its fame as a popular drink in Japan" — Young urban drinkers behind makgeolli boom. "Not a small development for a beverage that was once shunned as being unsophisticated and only fit to be drunk by poor farmers."

I'm neither young nor urban (nor I'm I a poor farmer... yet), but makkŏlli has become this year. Here's a report on my favorite brand, which couldn't be more local as it's produced with a strand of rice developed by the university that employs me, whose logo you'll find in the top left-hand corner — 영일만친구 쌀막걸리 가맹점 판매․홍보:

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