Thursday, July 22, 2010

A Libertarian Defense of the Family

"When the welfare state was first being sold to the electorates of the western world, one of the main pitches was how it would help families," writes Publius — Childless and Clueless. "Instead it has hurt them, placing a burden that keeps families smaller than they might be, and less happy than they should be. For once I'll agree with that old so-con chant: Won't anyone please think of the children?"

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Blogger Mark in Spokane said...

One of my professors in law school -- a great scholar and an old-school liberal -- once said in class that the greatest attack on the family in the modern period was Social Security. Destroyed the necessity of younger folk taking care of the older folk. Soon after entered the idea of widespread nursing homes ("old age homes" as they were originally called), etc. Much like Medicare and Medicaid helped to destroy small family doctor's practices by crushing the link between the doctor and patient when it came time to pay. The whole modern welfare system is about replacing relationships between people with a dependency relationship between a solitary individual and the all-powerful federal government.

1:14 PM  
Anonymous m.z. said...

There is a lot of silliness there. Your 25-something parent isn't worried about having to care for mom and dad. That is a concern of the 40-year-old parent with toddlers. And since 37% of child births are paid for with Medicaid dollars, the bite of the 40% tax bracket I'm afraid is a mythical concern. The whole idea that taxes are keeping families down just isn't all that reflective of the landscape. I'm dubious that "private schools" are booming is even factually correct. I've seen a large number of private schools close in my lifetime. Our parochial school certainly educating a large percentage of our parish's children.

1:38 PM  
Anonymous m.z. said...

Our parochial school certainly isn't educating a large percentage of our parish's children.

1:39 PM  
Blogger Procopius said...

No silliness at all. And the phenomena you cite in opposition to the premise are merely symptoms of the further metastasis of the same spiritual disease (i.e. how many of these 37% of births are to married women? Further and ever does the state arrogate all things to itself, destroying the "unity of life".

St. Thomas More, Ora Pro Nobis

11:46 PM  
Anonymous love the girls said...

"Now imagine if tomorrow morning someone gave that half back to you and your family. What could you do with that money? A bigger house? A nicer car? More toys? Sure. But maybe you'd spend that money on something of real value. A mother who can stay home when her children are young. Less time at work, more with the family. Maybe another child."

While m.z. defense of the indefensible state is annoying, nevertheless, he does point out the flaw in the argument. Those who pay enough in taxes for the above argument to be persuasive, already have sufficient income either way for the mother to stay at home raising a passel of children.

12:35 AM  

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