Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Korean Catholic Pottery Dealers

Peter Kim informs us that while "Catholic Japanese of Edo period hid themselves under the guise of Buddhism... Catholic Koreans severely persecuted by Chosun dynasty did not take the same way in concealing their Catholic identity" — Hidden Catholics in Japan and Korea.

"Catholic Koreans often chose to run away deep into mountains and sustained their Catholic faith and culture," we learn. "Many of them produced and sold Ong-gi (옹기, 甕器, pottery), which was often used for preserving Kimchi (김치, fermented cabbage), Doenjang (된장, bean paste), and Gochujang (고추장, red pepper paste). Click on the link to learn the identity of a famous "son of a Catholic pottery dealer, who was born soon after his fathers martyrdom," and the ingenious way foreign missionary priests traveled around Korea undetected.

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