Thursday, July 15, 2010

From The American Conservative Today

  • Stephen Kinzer visits a country whose people, he discovers, are "startlingly pro-American -- but anti-U.S. intervention" — The View From Iran.

  • Gene Healy on the "new documentary by Sebastian Junger, who spent a year embedded with an army platoon in Afghanistan, [which] highlights the absurdity of those who think it's possible to tame the country" — American Ambition.

  • "Can America afford an empire?" asks Sheldon Richman's article — The Hidden Costs of Empire. "We're going bankrupt, but we spend more than $12 billion a month in Iraq and Afghanistan."

  • Tim Carney's article informs us that "there's big money in state and federal alcohol regulation, and beer, wine, and liquor wholesalers thrive among the thickets of restrictions" — Wholesale Banditry.

  • "The best book on Obama’s America has already been written," writes Dermot Quinn... in 1912: "Hilaire Belloc saw Obama coming" — Wards of the State.

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