Tuesday, July 13, 2010

The English Language and Freedom

Andrew Cusack calls the English language "one of the great monuments of autonomy and decentralisation that ever existed" and notes that it "is under threat from an unlikely source: one sworn to defend it" — À bas l’Académie anglaise! Mr. Cusack reports, "The Queen’s English Society has announced plans to form an 'Academy of English' along the lines of the Académie française for French or the Real Academia Española for Spanish."

"An Academy of English would do more harm than good and would solve none of the problems that would provoke its foundation," argues Mr. Cusack. "A massive and broad-based information campaign, on the other hand, paired with the return of authoritative teaching in schools, would aid the better use of English infinitely more than a body of pedants to settle disputes that do not exist."

(Coming to mind is this old article of mine — Anglo-Saxon Anarcho-Traditionalism and the Spontaneous Order of English Spelling.)

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