Friday, July 9, 2010

The East China Sea and Beyond

  • "China [i]s sending messages in advance that 'national interests could be damaged' if the US proceeds to deploy a US carrier during a joint exercise with the South Korean navy later this summer," reports Peter J. Brown — China flexes its naval muscle . "Having this floating symbol of US military might deployed so close to China is perceived by Beijing as more than a very unfriendly gesture on the part of the US," Mr. Brown writes, noting that "seldom have so many warships been exercising all at once in the Pacific."

  • Some local English-language coverage on the subject — China objects to joint naval exercise in Yellow Sea, Seoul Must Beware of U.S.-China Naval Competition, and China’s Violation of S. Korea’s Sovereignty.

  • Joseph Y. Lin observes that "the Chinese military leadership seems to be signaling its intention to depart from its long-held emphasis on the army for the air force and navy" and "the goal of its effort appears aimed at extending China's military power projection capability into the Pacific while reducing the size of its total military force" — China focuses on 'far sea defense'. The "two primary missions" the author suggests are "the preservation of China's maritime security (including territorial integrity) and the protection of China's burgeoning and far-flung maritime economic interests."
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    Blogger The Sanity Inspector said...

    ..."the preservation of China's maritime security (including territorial integrity)...

    No doubt that means that Taiwain is still on the menu in Beijing.

    11:54 AM  

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