Monday, July 12, 2010

The Death of the Newspaper

"The newspaper with a cup of coffee before the start of the work day is a longtime American institution that could soon be on the way out" — U.S. newspaper industry in rapid decline. "This industry's decline in the 21st Century is the result of technological advances and changing reader demographics, which imply that the newspaper, printed on paper, and out-of-date upon arrival is headed the way of the dodo bird."

While I recognize that it's time to move on, I'll miss newspapers. My first job was as a paper-boy for the Courier-Express, which Mark Twain once edited, and which folded in 1982. (I was interviewed by the local news my last day on the job.) I quickly got back on my feet and landed a job with rival The Buffalo News. There's nothing like tyhe small of fresh newspaper ink in the morning! Now, I edit the English version of The Postech Times.

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Blogger Mark in Spokane said...

I love reading the paper too, but the simple fact is, by the time it gets to me in the morning, I already know and have read all the stories on the internet already. There is some local reporting that's of use, but then again, I hear about most of that stuff via the local t.v. news (for free thanks to the rabbit ears over my t.v.!) or online as well.

Once tablet computers (like the iPad and the upcoming HP Hurricane and I am sure others soon to arrive on scene) become more common, I think those will overtake newspapers as the medium of choice regarding casual news consumption. And that will displace not only newspapers, but magazines, newsletters, etc. in printed form. The only thing holding this trend back at all is that laptops are still a bit clunky and chunky for casual reading in your living room chair or at the table. Tablets have the ability to change all that.

1:27 PM  
Anonymous m.z. said...

To quote Mark Twain, the death of the newspaper has been greatly exaggerated. Most of the loss of subscribers is now by design in order to raise subscription revenues. The day of newspapers being targeted to the common man is done.

10:10 PM  
Anonymous love the girls said...

I agree with M.Z.

The Onion's circulation has been steadily increasing at rapid clip.

Some call it farce, I call it prescience. The typical tabloids tell us what did occur while the Onion gives us a heads up to what is coming down next.

Of the two what is the more useful?

12:00 AM  

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