Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Chinese Century?

"Perhaps, but not before its poverty and corruption disappear and who knows how many decades that will take?" says Constance Kong (whose surname suggests she may be a descendant of the Sage) — When China Rules the World.

The author of the book reviewed has as his "thesis... that China is what he calls a 'civilization state' and that this makes it fundamentally different to the nation-states that have hitherto ruled the world or exercised hegemonic influence over it (the European powers and the United States)." The reviewer counters that "[w]hile much of what he points out about the Chinese civilization-state is true, the fact is the same can also be said of Western nation-states," saying, "Although we are not given to quoting Aristotle and Plato as much as the Chinese like to reference their ancient philosophers, the fact is that Western democracy owes a good deal to the Roman State and Greek concepts of democracy and citizenship, and even to Christianity and the Holy Roman Empire, as well as the Enlightenment and the Treaty of Westphalia."

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