Thursday, July 22, 2010

The Catholic Patriotic Association of China to Convene

Francesco Sisci on "the organization that has helped Catholics through difficult times from Mao Zedong to Hu Jintao" [his words] which is also "the biggest stumbling block in the normalization of ties between the Holy See and Beijing" — Obstacles to breaking bread. From the report:
    The Vatican has strong objections to some of the practices of the association, which, according to some bishops, interferes with Catholics' religious activities. Yet it does not protest against the association in principle, since it is considered an organ for the civil administration of the non-religious activities of the church. The Holy See pleaded for postponement of the congress, arguing that it should open after the normalization of ties and the return of an Apostolic Nuncio to Beijing.
"Beijing at first considered this, but then shelved the idea," reports Mr. Sisci.

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