Thursday, July 15, 2010

Catherine of Aragon's Revenge

News following "a decision to ordain women as bishops without sufficient concessions to traditionalists" by the ecclesial community founded by her adulterous husband — Anglicans expect exodus to Catholic church.

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Blogger The young fogey said...

Anglicans expect exodus to Catholic Church ... Catherine of Aragon's revenge.

May it be so!

For now it seems more like 'some Anglicans claim there will be an exodus'.

Good for General Synod: they and Rome agree that halfway measures don't make sense. Like you can't be sort of pregnant. Either have clergywomen or not.

When the C of E gets around to having women bishops, which will be around the same time the ordinariates get started, I'll believe the exodus when I see it.

If handfuls of new parishes make up the British and American ordinariates then realistically it will have been a smashing success.

1:04 AM  

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