Thursday, July 29, 2010

$ & £

Ambrose Evans-Pritchard's suggestion the other day — The Death of Paper Money — is taken up by "Church history and end prophecy examiner" Bob Thiel — Death of paper currencies for the United States dollar and British pound sterling? Says Mr. Thiel, "While I am convinced that the British pound and US dollar, amongst other Anglo-Saxon currencies, will die and be worthless, this will not happen to all paper currencies."

Mr. Thiel, obviously some kind of Protestant, argues that "Bible prophecy reveals that about the time that the USA and its Anglo-allies are invaded (Daniel 11:39), a leader known as the King of the North, will also invade Egypt and take its gold (Daniel 11:40-43). One of the reasons to do this likely will be to partially restore the 'gold standard' so that people will be able to trust that his currency (the Euro, a Euro replacement, or basket of currencies)." Interestingly for a Protestant, he continues, "The idea of gold being amassed in the end time by a European leader is not only supported in the Bible in places like the books of Daniel and Revelation (cf. 18:9-16), it is also supported by both Roman and Eastern Orthodox Catholic prophecies," which he quotes at length.

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