Friday, July 23, 2010

Black Tea

"Yes. The Tea Party is racist. Obviously," says white-boy Ted Rall, who, to his credit, refrains from using the Reductio ad Hitlerum until the sixth full paragraph — Protofascism Comes to America. (It's not so obvious to these folks — Black Tea Partiers Speak.) While obviously not joining in on the party, the Black Agenda Report refuses to be played by white liberals like Mr. Rall:

"Why should Fox News, the tea party, and insults and negativity directed at the president even rank among black America's top ten or twenty problems?" asks Bruce A. Dixon, by way of response — Tea Partiers, Fox News, 'Negativity' Against the President? Are These Really Black America's Most Pressing Problems? "If the spirit of SNCC fifty years ago where alive today, it might tell us we ought to wear black and green ribbons, black for the 1.2 million African Americans in prison, and green for those millions of green jobs that are somewhere just over the rainbow."

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Anonymous Abdul Alhazred said...

Ted Rall is unbelievable -- his opinion-piece had all the half-baked substance of the pages in a book called My Struggle (in English) by the Austrian-born German dictator he can't help comparing the Tea Partiers to.

I want to scream everytime I hear people like Rall say: the Tea Party fascists are against President Obama because he's BLACK!

Even if a majority or substantial percentage of the Tea Party people WERE total racists, I think anyone who values: the U.S. constitution, free enterprise, property rights, individual rights, religious liberty, lower taxes, less intrusive government, and not-bowing-to-foreign-dictators would have a long laundry list of reasons to oppose Obama before they even got around to their possible dislike of his ethnic heritage!

If our president wasn't such a left-liberal, big-government, big-lobbyist, dictator-appeasing sort of guy, I don't believe so many Americans would be so displeased with him, no matter what skin complexion his parents bequeathed to him.

The entire "Racist!" argument has become a tired, sad, sorrowful joke. No doubt there are some bigots in the Tea Party movement -- just as I feel quite certain there's no shortage of bigots among the ranks of lefty-liberals.

Anyone remember the Rev. Wright? Anyone?

1:13 PM  
Blogger The Western Confucian said...

Gone seems to be the virtuous Ted Rall, who said, "He is a monster, and he should remove himself from power" -- An Early Call for Obama's Resignation.

1:27 AM  
Anonymous walt said...

I have gotten tired of the whole Tea Party is racist thing. Yes, I've had some coworkers, friends and relatives forward me e-mails of "Obama , the witch doctor" , Sarah Palin's shoehsine boy, Michele Obama/chimpanzee and damn straight, I've let 'em have it that I don't find that crap funny.If you really value your nation's future and the common good, grow the hell up. OTOH, the Colorado Tea Party have given the boot to racists or yahoos speaking at their events. When I was more involved with the Free State Project a few years ago we did have racists try to hitch their wagon on to our group but they got run out of our discussion groups pretty fast. The political ideas we were trying to get back into our culture were too important to be derailed by giving any potential critics ammunition. When the National Tea Party disavowed Mark Williams and the Tea Party Express I was kind of glad. Mark Williams was one of the talk radio guys that went after Cindy Sheehan a few years ago. To him, I'm one of those "unpatriotic conservative, phony soldiers" because I was against the invasion of Iraq.So good on the National Tea Party, now that they did this they can start steering the debate towards the ideas they stand for .

4:49 AM  

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