Monday, July 26, 2010

Bill Kauffman on Carl Oglesby

A reprint of his 2008 piece on the man who was "president of Students for a Democratic Society in 1965-66 and a key figure in its Middle American wing, which extended from independent anti-imperialist liberals to trans-Mississippi 'Prairie Power' radicals" — Happy 75th Birthday, Carl Oglesby!

"Left and Right mostly hurled anathemas at each other in 1968, but not always, and the rare friendly exchanges over the phantom barriers were rich with promise—a promise fulfilled, in a way, one year later, in the 1969 New York City mayoralty campaign of Norman Mailer, who campaigned as a 'left conservative' on a platform of power to the neighborhoods," writes Mr. Kauffman. "But SDS president Carl Oglesby was the New Left figure who first saw the potential of a Left-Right linkage."

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