Saturday, July 17, 2010

Bill Kauffman Defends the Anti-Federalists

"The Anti-Federalists stood for decentralism, local democracy, antimilitarism, and a deep suspicion of central governments," reminds the Sage of Batavia — “Entirely a National Government”? The Anti-Federalist Perspective. Mr. Kauffman continues:
    And they stood on what they stood for. Local attachments. Local knowledge. While the Pennsylvania Federalist Gouverneur Morris “flattered himself he came here in some degree as a Representative of the whole human race,” Anti-Federalists understood that one cannot love an abstraction such as “the whole human race.” One loves particular flesh-and-blood members of that race. “My love must be discriminate / or fail to bear its weight,” in the words of a modern Anti-Federalist, the Kentucky poet-farmer Wendell Berry. He who loves the whole human race seldom has much time for individual members thereof.

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